Monday, September 16, 2013

Work At Home Writing Online Using Google Plus, & Semantic Search!

Work At Home Writing Online What You Need To Know!

Work at home writing online, get paid, and command the highest rates for your online content.

9-22-2013 By Johnny Base
Anyone writing online wants a long career, and to command the highest pay possible. How can this be done? By using oDesk, Google Plus, Google Authorship and understanding Semantic Search.

oDesk is free for all writers and content providers. They're the #1 source for freelance jobs online, and they guarantee an hour worked is an hour paid. oDesk is the uber online freelance job listing platform. They provide tests to prove your knowledge, list URL's of articles and website's you've created, apply for jobs and contractors can contact you for work. Also oDesk takes the hassle out of billing clients.

Why oDesk?

  •  #1 source of freelance job listings online.Twice as large as their next competitor. 
  • You get paid. Help and support centers which guide you in your freelance career.
  • Free profile, and tests for qualifications.
  • Free dispute resolution service. 
  • Takes that burden of billing clients by collecting deposits in advance
  • Clients can come to you. 

Year to year oDesk is growing, even while tales of woe abound. oDesk and online content, is steadily expanding. And is only expecting further growth in the future. Myself and people I know are noticing more work coming through oDesk each month. There is specific reason why. Google is changing the way search results are ranked. If you recently used Google, you should have notice a change. Google's newest algorithm "Hummingbird" is very powerful. Hummingbird is ushering in "Semantic Search" and "Google Plus" is the key. We will explain these changes and why, quality content from trusted verified authoritative authors, are the future of online search and will cause many writers to be hot commodities as time moves forward.


work at home writing online

If you haven't already sign up with oDesk do now, IT'S FREE

We're going to teach you how to take advantage of oDesk for maximum profit. And how in as little as three to six months you can be commanding top dollar for your work, and be busy enough to be a full time writer of online content. Once you understand how things work online you can then venture into marketing your own projects online, affiliate sites or e-publishing for kindle, fiction or nonfiction work.

That's enough about oDesk. Disclaimer, my background is in search engine optimization, SEO. I'm able to place websites in very competitive niches on page one for very competitive keywords. I'm an SEO guy not a great writer. I feel a little intimidated writing to writers. I might have a typo in this article or you might disagree with my grammar or syntax. Please do not expect Hunter S. Thompson, or Tom Wolfe. Let's move on.

How Can You Command The Highest Rates Online For Your Writing? 

Things are changing online faster than most online Guru's can follow. August 2013 the search engine optimization, SEO community definitely learned Google Plus is key to the future search ranking. Writers, bloggers, people making money online need to understand the Titanic shifts in the way Google is ranking websites, content, and attaching "Google Authorship" to content.

To become a verified Author through Google Authorship you first must have a Google Plus profile.

Here's a video I created showing you how to set up your own Google Plus Profile.

Google Plus, Google Places, Google Authorship.
What is Google Plus, Google Places,  Google Authorship and Semantic Search? What do they have to do with writing online and making money?