Semantic Search What Writers Needs To Know!

Semantic Search

Semantic Search is the future of online search results. If you want to create content online, have a website or a business you need to know what Semantic Search is and how to create semantic search relevant content. 

"How to Rank on the First Page of Google Search Forever: Get Social. Feed the Brain." by George Williams is a very extensive article on the subject. Semantic Search is replacing Keyword search as I type. It should be fully implemented within the next six to twelve months. Leaving Keyword based search results in the dust. 

George provides a checklist to go over over "How to Prepare Your Business and Your Web Site to Rank on the First Page of Google in the Future – General Guidelines"

Below are three videos which all have a major input from one of the leading writers on the Subject of Semantic Search David Amerland

Google Semantic Search 


Should Writers Care About Semantic Search? We're Asking David Amerland

"Google Semantic Search - what's it all about?", with David Amerland