Google Plus Why Writers Need To Use It!

Google Plus Is The Key To The Future Of Online Search

9-22-2013 By Johnny Base
Google Plus is the future of online visibility and Google Search. And "Amazing Correlation Between Google +1s and Higher Search Rankings" by Cyrus Shepard on Moz has proved it. Cyrus Shepard's article might be one the most important scientific correlation study regarding Google ranking, and Google Plus in 2013.

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Short History of Google Plus 

I've been told from a trusted source the launching of Google Plus was June 2011

June 2011 Google Plus 1's was released to sites across the entire web, so you can more easily recommend websites to friends.

Also the same month, a collaboration among Google, Bing and Yahoo!, supports a common vocabulary for structured data markup across the web is released.

The beginning of Google Authorship.

By August of 2011 you could +1 a website and choose to share it with your circles on Google+.

May of 2012 Google Plus Local was launched providing the simplest way to discover and share local information, and Hangouts were on Air worldwide.

The reason for the short abbreviated history lesson is to place this article in context of Google Plus, Google Authorship, and the changes to the landscape for all SEO services.

We only know what we know. The majority of civilians and even those in the SEO web content, web development industry are unaware of the titanic shifts occurring regarding the future of Organic Search Results, SEO, Google Authorship, Google Plus, Google Places, and Semantic Search.

The bottom line: All other social platforms are not searched by google. Therefor their content is basically meaningless in terms of juice for authorship. Which is the name of the game.

Mark Traphagen's post distilled the information further. Plus 1's are not the end goal. Having your Posts Shared should be the goal. Anyone wishing to establish themselves as an authority on any given subject, should write posts which has such quality information people are compelled to share it.

The most important information I believe is the creation of Google Plus Networks.

Influential Google Plus Network

What is a Google Plus Network? It's simple:
  • A group of people who all have profiles on Google Plus. 
  • Who are verified Google Plus Authors, through Google Plus Authorship and Google Places.
  • Are influencers, meaning leaders in an industry who many people follow, comment, plus 1, and share their posts. 
  • A group of people who organically plus 1, comment, and share each others posts. 
  • People who have significant blogs, guest blog on leading blogs within a given niche or community. 
  • Who regularly post on Google Plus, comment, plus one, engage, and write significant posts and blogs which are shared throughout Google Plus and other social media platforms.  

Currently the only community I see on Google Plus who has strong Google Plus Networks is the SEO online marketing community. The Real Estate community is a distant second. Each industry has it's own culture and some share and communicate with each other more than others.

Why Is A Google Plus Network Important And What Does It Mean To New And Established Writers?

Anyone (no matter who you are) can engage and communicate with real players on Google Plus. As long as you contribute intelligent interesting content. Google Plus has a tendency to be very open to new people, who are either advanced in knowledge or just beginning. If you are a spammer or a scammer forget it. You will get nowhere. But if you are sincere. Your only limit is your own creativity and imagination. If you have the courage to put yourself out there and you are somewhat interesting or intelligent you can become an influencer and create your own Google Plus Network.

What Are The Benefits Of Being Part Of A Google Plus Network?

Longevity on the Internet as a content creator and player in whatever niche is your focus. To fully understand how it benefits you, you have to understand "Semantic Search". Which is another subject and will take some time to fully understand.

But if you work hard at building an influential Google Plus Network. The more influential users you have relationships with on Google Plus, the further their pluses can spread your content.

By creating an influential Google Plus network of like minded people in the same industry sharing each others posts and plus 1'ing each others posts. You create a powerful tool. Each influencer is going to have followers. Your posts are going to end up on page one of many search results for each person who is a follower of all the influencers in your network. When you start to have 60,000 people + who have added you into their circles like Mark Traphagen. You have created a powerful pool. Many people will see your Google Plus posts above most general search results. If they follow you because they are interested in your niche industry? You become a trusted authority quickly. They see your posts popping up almost every time they search the topic in your niche. You appear to be an extremely compelling authority figure whose knowledge and opinions are hard to ignore.

Recently a friend said one of my posts came up on page one for a search he did on Google Authorship. He thought I was very clever. I'm not. We are in each other's Google Plus circles, and I've posted a few posts on Google Authorship. Some were shared. Because a few of my posts have been shared Google looks at me as a minor influencer. See "View Ripples" top right hand corner of Google Plus posts. Good day : )
Below is a video I created which guides you step by step to create a Google Plus account.

Writers, online content providers are going to become increasingly important as "Semantic Search" becomes more predominant.