Google Authorship Is Dead Long live Authority

What Google Authorship Used to look like

Google Authorship is the future. What is google authorship and why is it important to writers? Hopefully I will come close to answering these questions. 

There is a lot of changes going on with Google. Google Authorship, Google Places, and Semantic Search is tied into Google Plus if used properly. On my google plus page there are a bunch of articles and info. This specific info on authorship only came out this August 2013, its all in a state of flux. 

Need to know info about Google Authorship:
  • Do not attach google Authorship to every page of your website or blog
  • Do not attach Google Authorship to your website or Blogs home page, media, achieves, or RSS feed. 
  • Do not attach Google Authorship to blogs or posts which have more than one outbound links. 
  •  Do not attach Google Authorship to articles which are compiled articles with many outbound links and or many Authors
  • Only attach Google Authorship to original content which goes into depth on a given subject or is fiction. And which only has one or two outbound links.
  •  Google Authorship currently can only attach one author per post, article, or blog

How wordpress works with Google Authorship

"When you create and share content online, you want people to know you're the author— no matter how far that content may travel. Not only do you get the credit, you can also grow your audience over time. Today we're introducing two Google+ platform features that help authors do both — on Google, and across the web."

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013 at 6:00 AM

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Re=Author HTML code copy and insert into your blog 

The full HTML of my profile link would look like this. Replace your Google Plus Profile in the area which is Blue and your name where mine is. :

<a href="">+Johnny Base</a>

Google Authorship & Author Rank Community

1. Linking to Non-Content Pages Can Affect Your Authorship
2. Authorship Is Only for Real People
3. Authorship Is For One Author Per Page (For Now)

If you use wordpress and the popular Yoast SEO Plugin. It's best to disable Yoast's authorship abilities. Especially if you added a second Authorship plugin. I know from experience. Delete all authorship plugins.

To deactivate Authorship in the Yoast SEO Plugin
Go to your wordpress Dashboard
Go to Users and open anyone who you attribute as author or yourself if you are the only user of the website.

Scroll down to Contact Info
remove any info in the Google + box

Google Authorship, with Mark Traphagen

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