oDesk Why We Love It!

oDesk What Is It?

9-22-2013 By Johnny Base

oDesk is a powerful platform where freelancers find jobs and contractors, small and large business owners, find freelancers and independent contractors. Writers, website designers, programmers, developers, content marketing professionals, and other freelancers use oDesk to secure work, market their abilities, find Jobs, and get paid for work done.

If you do a few simple things you can expect your rate go up in short order. I have a friend who's a online content provider who went from $20 and $30 per article to $90 and $100 per 300 to 600 word article in about six months. Now he's in demand with more work than he can handle.

Click onto the the banner below. Then click "Sign up". It's free, oDesk doesn't cost you a thing, and it never will. It pays!

You are not going to make a million dollars from oDesk in a year but you can make $1000 to $2000 a month consistently within three to six months. If you apply yourself and take the few steps we suggest. 

oDesk is the #1 in freelance annual earnings and posted 1.5 million jobs in 2012. It's almost twice as large as the 2nd online workplace platform. Because of "Semantic Search" companies and websites must now have original high quality complex content from native language writers. Gone are the days that someone can easily create a spun article to rank well or pay a non native language author $5 for a poorly written article and expect to rank on page one for search results.

Why Choose oDesk?

As a oDesk freelancer you have rights!
  • To be paid for every hour worked, every time you work.
  • Work as little or as much as you want to work anywhere with an internet connection 
  • You set your hourly rate based on your skills, experience, and your reputation
  • You get free access to tools which help you build your online writing career 
Click onto the banner ad above and sign up for free. Create a stunning profile. Take any test you feel you will do well in. oDesk offers tests in English Grammar, Wordpress, writing skills. These tests are great to take because potential employers can see the results (only if you pass). And see if you are above average in any skills which are important to them.

Also you can add as many URL's as you would like from articles or websites where your work is published. Plus there is an area where you can write about yourself and areas of interest to you. You want to look at other freelancers on oDesk who have high review rating above 4 and see their profiles. Emulate the better ones.

The Biggest Hurdle On oDesk Is Getting Your First Job 

oDesk is not a get rich scam or a fast money platform. It's for real freelance professionals offering quality work. There are many people earning real money working through oDesk. Freelancers who have been working regularly for years. People are building working relationships lasting years. oDesk was founded in 2002 in Silicon Valley. It's been growing steadily since the day it opened. Bookmark this site. Sign up on oDesk, create your profile, look at other freelancers profiles. Then come back here and go to the page markered "Your First oDesk Job".